🌿Healing With Nature🌿

Nature is the best place to heal. It is a place full of energies.

Once you are by the roots of a particular tree, or seated in a grassy spot on the riverbank, or in any other natural place that calls to you, listen to your instincts about how you might work with nature. Sit and focus on the experience of the earth underneath you, the wind and sky surrounding you, the sun warming your skin, and the smells of forest, river, meadow or sea entering your nostrils.

☘️First set your intentions that you want to be healed.

☘️Start by saying a prayer or request to nature
“Cleanse you, heal you, teach you”

☘️Imagine that the energy around is washing you.

☘️Inhale the healing, the positivity and take it into every cell.

☘️Release all your fear and worries with every exhale.

☘️Feel the roots growing from your feet and your getting more connected to Mother Earth.

☘️Feel your desire and commitment to make changes rise within you. Soak in the earth’s replenishing energy.

☘️Live and enjoy the present moment.

🌿After you finish, thank the nature and embrace this loving energy.

Love you all🌷🍁🌿🌱💐🌸

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