Trust your inner guidance and follow your heart, for your soul has your blueprint and the universe has your back.

― Hazel Butterworth

I am Rasha Naser

I am a wife, a mum of two boys, a Certified Lorraine Webb Inner Child Healer, Certified Energy Healer, Reiki, Seichim and Karuna Master and Teacher, Certified Channeller to Guides and Angels y John Campbell, Rosslyn Therapy Practitioner by John Campbell,  Access Bars® Practitioner and Certified Meditation Specialist. I have been granted the ability to connect with our loved ones in the spirit worlds (crossed over).

From a very young age, my sister would always express to me that one day I will enter the world of healing. Yet, a mixture of fear and hesitance was blocking me from progressing on to this path. Therefore, my vibrations took me to another path which was Human Resource Management to indirectly help others.

As much as I enjoyed my career and learned a lot from it. I never stopped thinking, reading and getting more familiar with the art of healing, because I felt something was missing. There was a constant voice inside of me saying that what I was doing was not enough.

The moment I felt that I had to step forward, my husband said I should pursue my path and follow my passion. I should accept who I AM and forget about what others may think or judge.

Therefore, for the first time, my inner strength was stronger than ever, and I had realised that this is my time to act. At this point, I decided to commit myself to what I have always wanted to do, which is to spread happiness, the Divine love and light.

Accordingly, I entered into the path of finding my true purposed career, which inspired me to name my business “Spirited Paths”.

It takes a lot of courage and strength to start a new journey but from what I have experienced, one small decision can open the gates to your true passion and alter your life. I will be humbled to be part of your healing journey and I promise to do everything for your highest good.

Love, Light and Blessings, Rasha.