Cords of Attachments:

They are energy structures between two people that cause pattens from the past to continue in the present moment.

How do you know that you have an attachment?

You will keep:

thinking of that person
having an imaginary arguments
going into relationship karmic loop
having them in your dreams
feeling drained
can’t forgive
can’t get them out of your life

The best way is to do the energetic cutting cord. You will tell light-weighted, free and alive.

You can cut the cords by forgiving them, meditations, asking the assistance of your angels or Lords of Karma.

Sometimes, these cords or hooks would come again especially if they are people that you can not avoid in your life interaction.

Always remember, you are stronger. It is a free will, so you can have the choice not to let them in your energy and in your thoughts.

Love you all 🙌💕🙌

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