2 hours workshops


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Karma Release

Ever wondered what Karma really means? How can it affect your daily life? And how can you clear your Karmic Board?
Karma is a Sanskrit word that refers to any action driven by intention. This action, whether mental, verbal or physical results in future consequences.
As humans, we can either inherit Karma from our ancestral lineage and heritage patterns, or from past lives.
If we leave ourselves unhealed, it can influence our daily lives and relationships.
This workshop facilitated by Rasha from Spirited Paths is designed to operate with the Karmic Board and the Lords of Karma to free you from your Karmic patterns and cycles.
Throughout this workshop, we will work together within a series of meditative journeys to dive into your past and present events with the ultimate goal of discharging them for your highest good.

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Mind and Manifestation

Manifestation occurs through our thoughts but it is our language that gives it power. It is important that your language is clear through each level of your consciousness. You will be guided through an attraction meditation to assist your levels of consciousness to incorporate manifestation at the right stage to create the reality that you desire and deserve.

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Clearing Abundance Blockage

I will work with each individual to release all the mental and energetic blockage in their abundance stream.


All workshops are $50