Seichim comes from the Egyptian word Sekhem which translates into English and means “The Power of Powers”.

Seichim is ancient and sacred.  It is an advanced form of hands of healing having sounds and symbols and is the parent energy of all hands on healing systems.

It is believed that Seichim originated from Atlantean times.  However, in a more traceable form it can be shown that Seichim was practiced by the Mayhan civilation in South America before being introduced to Egypt.

To complete Seichim you need to first be attuned to Reiki 2.

Seichim One

  • History of Seichim
  • Things to remember when healing someone
  • Seichim Attunments
  • Practical session learning Seichim symbols and how to use them
  • The Cosmic Healing Bank
  • Learn some Release Procedures
  • Learn about the Healing Triangle
  • Practical session learning how to apply new knowledge
  • Comprehensive course notes
  • Investment $235


Seichim Masters

Masters is another level that increases your energy.

Along with Masters comes the responsibility to master the Reiki Energy to its fullest potential and take full responsibility for the technique, its teachings and to pass attunements onto others eager to learn Reiki.

You will be receiving healings on your emotional level, past lives and inner child. You will learn how the power of mind is important and how you are the co-creator of your life.

Investment $335